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About Me

            I have been active and engaged in the political process since I first voted to legalize marijuana for recreational use in the 2015 election as a resident of Nevada.  I am not a career politician but I have a deep-seated desire to make changes for all responsible adults, some of who have had their voting rights  revoked are sitting in jail over a plant that is legal in many of our surrounding states.  I grew up in a military family with a diverse group of friends and I'm excited to help the people of our district combat disparities.  I've seen some of our current politicians say one thing when running for office or when put on the spot, but then not back it up and create change.  I want to change that.




    - Legalizing responsible adult use of marijuana

I believe that keeping marijuana illegal is not only hurting our over run prison system, but is also leading to some of the police brutality we are seeing today.  The pharmaceutical companies are lobbying as well to keep marijuana illegal so that they can continue to poison Americans with drugs for things like anxiety, depression, P.T.S.D. among many other medical conditions.  The tax revenue collected would get our great state and our country to raise billions a year.

     -Constitutional rights of Americans

The constitutional rights of Americans are unwillingly relinquished by politicians who in many cases are funded by multinational corporations that do not have Americans' interests in mind.  They lobby for changes in our amazing country that do not hold the values of you and I.  When elected to office I promise to be a champion for this and many other issues.

     -Criminal justice reform

Our criminal justice system has let down many Americans  both on a political, local, state and federal level.  The United States imprisons one in 100 Americans on average, and one of every thirty-one Americans are currently on probation.  Many of these Americans, being imprisoned or on probation, have committed minor drug offences that will generally lead to a mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines.  When elected I will fight to make sure that our state moves towards a more tolerable stance on minor drug crimes.


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